Monday, December 10, 2007

20 for Ron Paul

This should be the goal of every Ron Paul supporter across the country.

You need to personally see to it that 20 people vote for Ron Paul, whether it's personally calling them on election day, making them call you from their cell phone from the polling booth, or going personally to pick them up and take them to the voting booth.

Ron Paul currently has almost 100,000 friends on MySpace. Imagine if each and every one of them could personally make sure that 20 people make it to the polls. If those friends got 20 people to the polls Ron Paul would win with 2 million votes.

We have 5 front runner Republicans right now (besides Ron Paul). Each spouting off a very similar big government, neo-con message that differs only slightly. If they were to split the vote evenly Ron Paul would only need 17% of the votes to win.

In a state like Iowa where, in 2000, there were 86,000 Republican primary voters he would only need 14,620 votes to win.

In 2000 there were 20 million votes cast in the Republican primary election. %17 of that would be 3.4 million. Of course, Ron Paul only needs to get just over 50% of the votes to win. So he would need 1.7 million votes to win.

So, if we personally deliver 2 million voters to Ron Paul, there is nothing the Old Media or anyone else can do to keep Ron Paul from winning the Republican primary election, and then from there the general election hands down.

There is a handy tool at where you can keep track of your 20 Ron Paul voters. Go there, sign up, and let's get Ron Paul and our country a much needed victory.