Monday, July 9, 2007

Bet against Ron Paul

I think a lot of people have it wrong on George Stephanopolous's statement that he would bet everything he has against Ron Paul winning as stated here on ABC News.

If he were to bet everything he has against Ron Paul winning he would (according to have 7 to 1 odds of a Ron Paul win. If Ron Paul loses George would have 7 times the amount of money that he has right now. This will be useful with the other candidates because the worth of his dollar will go down with any other candidate and it will be continually hard to get ahead under any other president, so 7 times his money will be helpful. He could even use it to buy favor with the new leadership, which they are more open to than Ron Paul.

However, if Ron Paul does win...all he does is lose all of his money. No big deal in the grand scheme of things. His children will be able to grow up in the freedom that this country was founded on and many have said we have for a long time. He will make up for the loss because Ron Paul will work toward getting the dollar back to something that is worth something and ending the income tax will certainly kick his recovery into high gear quite hastily. Along with that and the economy taking off with a Ron Paul win, it's a sure bet to bet all of your fiat money on Ron Paul's loss.

So, basically Stephanopolous is showing that he is a great gambler. Willing to gamble away his assets in exchange for freedom, but hedging his bets in case he is stuck with one of the other candidates.

Though personally, I think the best bet is putting your money here.


Danny said...


The most brilliant post I have read today.

Jack said...

I doubt Dr Paul is 7-1 favorite to win. It's more likely 7-1 against which means George will only win 1/7th and not 7 times his fortune.

Regardless, George is a regular attendee of Bilderberg conferences, so he knows things we don't.