Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Post debate roundup

So I just finished watching what turned out to be the CNN Rudy McRomney show. I can't believe how much time they gave to those three and so little exposure to Ron Paul, sticking him way out to the far side with their prized ponies in the middle.

There was no smash hit from Ron Paul, at least to those who have heard him countless times as I have. I'm sure if nobody had heard of him before tonight they'd probably be more apt to search him out. The Jon Stewart show last night did more for Ron Paul than the establishment planned event tonight.

The most compelling thing that happened during the debate was an overwhelming sense of fear I got while listening to all of the other Republican candidates talk. Neo-cons might think that that's good...that I should be scared and that they're there to help me to fight off those evil people that need to be IDed and put in a database and tracked...No, it wasn't that kind of fear. It was a fear of those candidates talking, coming to the realization that one of them might actually win the election in 2008. How scary is that?

I might not agree with Democrats on basically anything but at least a feeling of fear doesn't go through my body with the thought of them winning the presidency. Though, admittedly I didn't watch their debate the other night or I might have had the same feeling.

The way they systematically tried to hide Ron Paul from the public worries me quite a bit. It was a dark day for America with what they did on the CNN Rudy McRomney show.

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JMC said...

The main thing I took away from the debate was more disdain for Giuliani. He needs to shut up already; he obviously LOVES the sound of his own voice. Other than that, it seemed to be more of the same. But at least they all conducted themselves with decorum; I understand that the Democratic debate got a bit nasty.