Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ron Paul censored by FoxNews

I watched the debate last night. My fiance was in the other room and told me to call her in when Ron Paul is speaking. I think of my fiance as the 75% of voters who could really care less about politics and vote based on tidbits that they are fed by the media (not that I'm going to bash her because of that, she can bring up names of people in Hollywood and who they've dated and I'm absolutely clueless, she could have her own celebrity blog and bring up how I'm just one of those guys that goes to movies and doesn't pay attention to who the actors are). So anyway, they show Rudy Gulianni and she says "Oh, he's running? I like him.". I tell her, he'd run the country like a dictator, I remind her about how I mentioned that the government has gone so far as to detain someone without giving them a fair trial or a lawyer, which I know she disagrees with, and I tell her that he's in favor of that and would probably go even further. Later she Gulianni in favor of the National ID? I tell her yes. So she says..."Ok, it's Ron Paul then. I don't want things to lead to having to put a chip in our baby one day."

So I'm watching the debate, it's been two rounds and she got pissed because I didn't call her in when Ron Paul was talking (she was on the phone). So she sat on the couch with me for round 3...waiting...waiting...wait a minute, no Ron Paul in Round 3. She couldn't believe it "They skipped Ron Paul, you keep telling me they censor him but I didn't believe it but I just saw it. How can they do that? If I was in the audience I'd stand up and say Hey you skipped Ron Paul!".

This got her pissed off at the media more than I'd expect...she wanted to get active, asking me what we can do to promote Ron Paul, especially since the media is ignoring him. She said she felt like maybe what the rest of the world is saying about the US is true if this kind of thing is going on. How can we talk about freedom if we're censoring the most pro-freedom candidate in the race?

As was mentioned on another blog, when they re-ran the debate and interviews a second time they skipped the Ron Paul interview.

Fox News displayed, in front of the country, their bias against freedom (which apparently is the reason Al Qaida attacked know, like the same reason they attack Sweden all the time). All they did in censoring Ron Paul was they got a spunky young gal riled up to do all she can to support Ron Paul. I've been holding back because I figured she'd think the whole politics thing is uncool (I was a lot more active before meeting her, even running for Congress a few years back), but she's given the green light to go full bore on this.

So, to those in the media who think they've got this whole election've started something that you can't stop. Ron Paul will be in the White House, and you can continue to ignore him he gets out the red ink.

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angry indy said...

Great article, My first choice is Gore, should he not Run, I will switch parties and vote Paul in the Calif primaries.

But he better get himself a very good bullet-proof popemobile and an even better poison sniffer.

I am not at all sure an honest man will be let anywhere near the White House.

I have an audio w/ Paul on my blog, perhaps that is why it is not registering w/ Google when I did a search for it!