Monday, May 14, 2007

Yard signs now available.

I just ordered my Ron Paul yard sign at and I just received my Ron Paul bumper sticker in the mail from

When I received my bumper sticker my fiance complained...why didn't I get her one? I was pleasantly surprised, I didn't think she was very interested in politics. She's always seemed more like a liberal, but when we were watching the movie Freedom to Facism she saw Ron Paul and said "If only we had honest guys like him in Washington" I told her that he was in Washington, that he was a Congressman from Texas. I told her later that he was running for president and she said that's who she'd vote for.

She also mentioned she'd like the Ron Paul bumper sticker on her car because she figures it would piss people off.

Buy your Yard Sign and Bumper Sticker. Support Ron Paul.

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Monkey & Chick said...

That page (The Paul Mart) no longer has Ron Paul signs.

The best prices and the biggest selection for Ron Paul Yard Signs is here -