Monday, May 21, 2007

Ron Paul has more YouTube subscribers than all Republican candidates...COMBINED

As of today Ron Paul has more YouTube subscribers than all other Republican presidential candidates combined. This is no small feat considering there are 10 candidates who are declared candidates for the Republican Party.

YouTube subscribers as of this post:

Romney: 1992
Gilmore: 1,957
Giuliani: 1387
McCain: 1251
Hunter: 395
Huckabee: 198
Tancredo: 182
Brownback: 93
Thompson: N/A

Ron Paul: 8002

This amount of Internet support has to hurt the bought and paid for frontrunners. John McCain was pleading with his supporters to get out there and support him online in blogs (of which he wishes to regulate) after the debates, Mitt Romney is spending all of his special interest money on buying off the media and Gulianni is probably out there somewhere making a list of people he'll throw in jail when he liberally suspends habeas corpus using the National ID to track them down.

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